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Electric Bubblegum is an apparel and accessory brand based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in liquid glitter products and all things fun! From positively popping earrings to futuristically fabulous jackets, vests, bags and more, Electric Bubblegum offers a little sparkle for everyone. Our goal is to provide glowing, girly products that provide the wearer with entertainment, fashion and fun. Our products are all currently made in the USA.

What is Liquid Glitter?

Liquid Glitter is a fun, sparkly liquid and glitter mixture that is used through out our products. By adding liquid to the glitter, it enhances its sparkle and creates a fun, floating affect as the glitter moves around throughout the product resulting in endless entertainment and fun. 

Our Mission


We focus on new, innovative textiles that add an edge to the classic definition of fun apparel. We believe that apparel should not only be fun but entertaining as well. We strive to provide our shopper with fashion forward products that can only be found here. We work to achieve this by using cute colors and prints mixed with futuristic textiles and designs. 


Electric Bubblegum was founded by a girl who has a passionate love for pink, glitter, punk rock, and skateboarding. After graduating with a degree in fashion design from Savannah College of Art and Design, founder and designer Mariah Hodges started Electric Bubblegum in 2017 based on ideas explored in her senior project, which involved using liquid glitter and her personal style as a new avenue for fun, fearless fashion. Mariah strives for Electric Bubblegum to push the boundaries of fun, futuristic fashion into a new avenue of apparel and accessories. 


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