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Hi there cutie! Welcome to Electric Bubblegum! We are so happy you are visiting our brand new and sparkly website! :) As a beginning to our blog, we would like to make a brief introduction about who we are!

Electric Bubblegum is an apparel and accessory brand that specializes in liquid glitter products and all things fun! From positively popping earrings to futuristically fabulous jackets, vests, bags and more, we offer a little sparkle for everyone. Our goal is to provide glowing, girly products that provide you with endless entertainment, fashion and fun.

Liquid glitter raincoat - mermaid blue - US Patent Pending

Founded by a girl who loves pink, glitter, punk rock and skateboarding, we strive to infuse girly colors and sparkle with street wear style. Our focus is on new, innovative textiles that add an edge to the classic definition of cutesy apparel. We strive to provide our shopper with a new hip version of girly. A girl who loves pink, glitter, and fun but also wants something new, edgy and cool.

Liquid Glitter Puffer Vest - Rainbow - US Patent Pending

We hope you are as excited about our apparel and accessories as we are and that you will stay, hang with us and become our bubblegum bestie!!!!! Maybe shop around little. Find something that perfectly fits you. After all, we offer a glitter for everyone!

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